Please Meowmie, May I Have Some More?

November 18, 2008

Please Meowmie, may I have some more? - Litter boxes , that is.

Well, Seiko is pissed (literally) with the addition of William a new rescue/foster . She has decided to make wee-wee on the sofa and bed in the room he frequents. I think she feels there are not enough litter boxes. Don't ask me how I know this, I just do. She looked at me and the idea popped into my head. So tonight I added two more boxes upstairs. She went right in the one and made big wee-wee.

If extra boxes do not resolve the problem, I will need to get her to Dr. Welch for a check up. That really should be the first thing anyone does when a cat stops using the litter box. Most litter box problems do stem from a physical cause - but I know my diva girl and am pretty sure this is psychological.

I think I'll crank up the Feliway Diffusers too.